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All of Wirral's council-run car parks will now charge a standard rate

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Off-street car parks which used to be free in places including Bromborough, Bebington, Irby, Hoylake and New Brighton, will now charge after councillor's voted to bring in the new fees.

While there must be a period of consultation before the new charges come in, a £1 per hour standard rate is set to be implemented across Wirral within weeks.

Wirral Council’s Decision Review Committee failed to reach a verdict on whether to bring in various new fees and create a standard rate at Wirral’s council-run car parks, with a £5 maximum per day, in a meeting on July 29.

•However, the committee reconvened (10 AUG 2021)

and voted by seven members to four to introduce new charges and a new standard rate.

Five Labour councillors, Green councillor Pat Cleary and Liberal Democrat Chris Carubia voted in favour, while four Conservatives voted against.

Those in favour of the new charges had claimed parking was currently costing the council money and was in effect a subsidy to those who used the council’s car parks by those who did not and those who did not own a car at all.



Hoylake’s Beacon Arts Village delayed, redefined but definitely going ahead

The Beacon Arts Village, a plan to transform the old town hall has been delayed due to COVID-19, but it has not been scrapped.

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